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A lively city where people from many different cultures live together, Singapore makes a fascinating holiday destination. Don't be put off by the fact that Singapore has a tropical climate, as everywhere you go you will find air-conditioning. Hotel accommodation tends to be pricey, so why not think about choosing a rental property instead? A spacious apartment will give you and your family privacy and the chance to relax. After a busy morning sightseeing, you can go back for a siesta to put you back on track in time to enjoy Singapore's vibrant nightlife.
Start by taking a monorail trip for an overview of Singapore, then explore the areas that interest you on foot. Follow a heritage trail to learn about Singapore's history; you can start off at the Chinese, Malay or Eurasian Heritage Centre. Lovers of modern art should not miss the Singapore Art Museum, which houses the world's largest collection of contemporary Southeast Asian art. When you want to get away from the city, visit the Botanic Gardens with its two hundred and fifty species of orchids; they make a spectacular sight. Looking for something a little more active? Head to SK360º, a Cable Ski Park, for a spot of surfing, water skiing or wakeboarding.
Fammily-friendly fun in Singapore
Animal lovers should make a beeline for Singapore Zoo, which houses many endangered species. It has the world's largest group of orang-utans in captivity as well as a special lion-viewing gallery. See jelly fish, dugongs and sharks at Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon where you can even join in feeding the ray fish and sharks. Also well worth a visit is Jurong Bird Park with six hundred species in fifty acres of land. Lilliputt Miniature Golf offers family-friendly amusement with its eighteen holes designed as landmarks in Singapore. When young children just want to have fun, Fidgets is the largest indoor playground for children under ten; it has special areas for babies and toddlers as well as a cafe.
Budget holiday rentals in Singapore
There is truly something for every member of the family to enjoy in Singapore, and you will want to be able to afford its many attractions. Saving money on your accommodation will help you to do this. The low-cost option of a rental property makes perfect sense, so why not take a look at what we can offer you? You will feel at ease in your own apartment and can choose between eating out or preparing your own food in a fully equipped kitchen. The excellent value we offer you will mean that your stay in Singapore will be one to remember for a lifetime.