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Croatia Holiday Rentals

Croatia Holiday Rentals
Croatia has had a turbulent history but is establishing itself as an exciting destination great for all the family. Among other things, you may not be aware that the small Central European country pioneered fountain pens and invented the necktie. Aside from the pub trivia side of things, however, Croatia is a fantastic country steeped in history, and benefiting from the hot summers and mild winters of a Mediterranean climate. As with other Central European destinations, Croatia is a relatively cheap country to visit, particularly if you take advantage of money saving self-catering rental accommodation. With both villas and rental apartments available across the country, you can both save money and also get an insight into real homes and lifestyles of the former Yugoslavia.
What to do in Croatia
Croatia has many attractions, and more than enough to fill a whole week or even fortnight's holiday. In terms of exploring the towns, there are the monuments, restaurants and shopping opportunities of Split, Zagreb or Dubrovnik. Outside of the main cities, Croatia has many ancient buildings to explore, chief among them the Pula Arena, one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world (including Rome). There are also the obvious attractions of the Mediterranean coastal regions, with all the beaches and watersport facilities and Blue Flag areas that you would expect from any other European country.
Villas and apartments in Croatia
As with many European destinations, Croatia presents the low-cost holidaymaker with a fairly simple accommodation choice. You can either rent a low-cost villa out in the smaller towns around the country as a base from which to explore the region, at around £400 or £500 for a week for a family of five in a coastal villa. Alternatively, you can pay a little more to stay in a rental apartment in towns such as Zagreb or Dubrovnik if you want more of a city-break style holiday. Either way, you'll have more flexibility in meal-times, the number of people sharing rooms and a lot more privacy as you enjoy your Croatian relaxation time. Also, you'll have a lot more space for the younger members of the family to let off steam, and hopefully save some money for the fantastic local restaurants.