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Outer Banks Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rental Options in the Outer Banks
If you are planning a holiday in the Outer Banks, you will have the opportunity of a lot to see and do, spread over a fairly wide area. This means that you may wish to keep your schedule as flexible as possible by choosing to rent your own holiday accommodation. Whether you plump for a rental apartment or condo, a villa with private pool, or a larger beachfront holiday house, you can come and go as you please and truly make your holiday itinerary your own.
Beaches and sport in the Outer Banks
The beautiful sandy beaches of the Outer Banks are perfect for lazing around on a summer’s day with your family and friends, enjoying the occasional dip in the warm waters. They are also home, however, to a variety of water based sporting activities. Whether your preference is for some leisurely sailing or fishing, or you prefer more active pursuits such as surfing, windsurfing or water-skiing, you will find appropriate facilities in the Outer Banks. Golfers, meanwhile, will be keen to visit top venues such as the championship courses at the Ducks Head Country Club, or the Scottish style Nags Head Golf Links. Horseback riding along designated trails can be arranged in Kitty Hawk and Frisco, while bicycles are readily available for hire throughout the Outer Banks.
Sightseeing in the Outer Banks
A hire car, combined with the freedom afforded by your holiday rental, will allow you to see the top sights in the Outer Banks at any time of your choosing. You may wish to begin these excursions by visiting the principal settlements in the Outer Banks, such as Kitty Hawk or Nags Head. This is a good idea in the sense that it will allow you to combine seeing the sights incorporated in these towns, sampling their excellent restaurants and bars and finding out from the locals their recommendations as to where you should go and what you should see. Onward destinations are consequently likely to include the Wright Brothers’ National Memorial, where the first recognised successful flight took place in 1903. You may be sent in the direction of the Bodie Island Lighthouse and its adjoining museum. Perhaps even the Frisco Native American Museum and Natural History Centre will become part of your agenda. Wherever you choose or are recommended to venture, your Outer Banks holiday will remain your own and its enjoyment will remain so far as possible in your own hands.

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