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Tripadvisor Affiliate Programme



Applying to our affiliate programme

How long does it take to hear a response?

We receive hundreds of applications, so it may take a while before we're able to respond to yours. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Are there minimum traffic requirements?

No. You are welcome to apply for the Affiliate Programme even if you're just getting started. When we review applications, we focus on the overall look and feel of the site, and decide whether it's the right fit for our programme. Tripadvisor reserves the right to reject sites that we feel do not align with our brand.

Network partners: Link generators

How do Commission Junction link generators work?

Commission Junction offers a Deeplink Generator that makes it easy to create affiliate links to specific site pages on Tripadvisor. By adding their bookmarklet to your browser, you can generate links for any page you want by simply clicking the bookmarklet while you're on that page.

General FAQs

Can I earn commission on restaurants, flights, experiences, cruises or car rentals through the affiliate programme?

No. At this time, the programme only pays commission on hotels.

What type of links/ads do you offer to your affiliates?

We offer a selection of texts links (text link generator), logos, buttons, badges, banners, and widgets through both of our network partners. While you're welcome to use any of these options, we've found that our text links offer the best performance for publishers. Users are more likely to engage with a link within the text/content, — where they can go to get more information about the exact hotel or destination they're reading about.

Do you offer an API solution that allows me to display Tripadvisor review content on my site?

There are no APIs available through the affiliate programme, but it you are looking to add Tripadvisor rating content on your travel website or mobile application, please refer here: tripadvisor content-api. If you wish to get access to full reviews content, please contact: contentsolutionsenquiries@tripadvisor.com. Note that there is no commission model associated with Tripadvisor API as that is not part of the affiliate programme.

Do you offer an API solution that allows me to display Tripadvisor hotel prices directly on my site?

There are no API available through the affiliate programme. However, site publishers can request hotel pricing information through Tripadvisor Hotel Pricing API. For more information; please contact: contentsolutionsenquiries@tripadvisor.com.

Can I work with other advertisers or affiliate programmes?

Yes. Because our programme is not exclusive, you're free to work with other advertisers in addition to Tripadvisor.

Can I post affiliate links on my social media?

Yes, you can use our affiliate links in your social media posts. However, keep in mind that blog links tend to have more earning potential than social media links. Because blog content is more evergreen, blog links can still generate commission for you long after you initially publish.

Can I still use affiliate links when I post about sponsored trips or compensated stays?

You can use Tripadvisor affiliate links in posts about sponsored trips or compensated stays, as long as the sponsor is comfortable with it. That said, you cannot leave reviews on Tripadvisor for these types of stays.

Do I have to disclose when I'm using affiliate links on social media?

You must disclose the commercial relationship between your brand and Tripadvisor on all of your social media posts and/or other non-traditional media posts. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

How do I see my commissions?

Once you sign up with one of our network partners, you will have access to a variety of reports on your member dashboard. You will be able to pull reports, monitor traffic, and track commissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I earn commissions on my own click-outs?

No. Please note that attempts to artificially inflate your own commissions is considered fraud and is strictly prohibited. All commissions must be generated by qualified users who click on your ads or links. We require that our affiliates do not offer their users incentives to generate commissions. All affiliates should refrain from clicking their own ads.

Can I explicitly tell others to click on meta links and generate commissions for me?

No. We monitor for fraud by watching the downstream quality of traffic. If we see a high number of click-outs but no eventual bookings with our partners, we may have to reduce commission rates or remove publishers from our programme.