We recently announced the winners of our second annual TripAdvisor Community Awards, or as we like to call themThe Ollies. Our awards celebrate the most prolific TripAdvisor members who have contributed a lot to the travel community.

Throughout the month, we will be profiling some of the UK winners from the awards right here on our blog.

Today, is the turn of Sarah Dargie (sarahdH1110RM), who scooped our New Contributor of the Year award. Sarah is from Glasgow and has posted more than 660 reviews since she joined the TripAdvisor community in 2015. We sat down with Sarah to discuss all things travel, including her best and worst travel memories?

When and why did you start using TripAdvisor

I had been using TripAdvisor for advice for a couple of years and realised that after what I had got out of it, I should start contributing to give back to the community. I got a new phone which had the TripAdvisor app pre-loaded and this made it super easy for me to contribute reviews and upload pictures on the go.

What do you like about TripAdvisor?

I like the fact that it is an honest community focussed site for sharing personal opinions. I also really like the forums as you can get answers to really specific questions in great detail, which is really helpful.

What is your review style (i.e. what information do you look to include?)

I always try to be detailed and include the costs and opening times of the restaurant, hotel or attraction and any deals that might be on during that time. I also like to highlight staff members that were particularly helpful during my visit.

What tips and advice would you give to someone using the site for the first time

Read the most recent reviews first, don’t just look at the 5 and 1 bubble ratings reviews and don’t be afraid to use the forums as they provide a lot of answers to specific questions.

Tell me about the best place (hotel, restaurant or attraction) you’ve discovered using TripAdvisor

I discovered a hotel/art gallery in Barcelona called Cami Bed & Gallery which I wouldn’t have found without TripAdvisor. I have since been back there a couple of times because I loved it so much.

What inspires you to travel

Ultimately curiosity inspires me to travel. Any time I go somewhere it is because I have never been there and have wanted to go for a while, heard something new about the place or seen a programme about it on TV. I also love learning about new cultures, tasting new food, looking at architecture and soaking up some sunshine (something we are lacking in the UK!).

Do you have a favourite destination If so, what makes this place your favourite

Vietnam is the most interesting place I have visited. However, I have visited Italy the most, with Rome being my favourite Italian destination. I just love the food, architecture and history of the city.

Describe your favourite memory from travelling

When I went to Vietnam I went to a light festival where loads of lanterns were let off into the sky which was amazing. I also have great memories of Barcelona as that is where I got engaged.

Do you have a travel horror story

One that comes to mind was when I got stuck outside of Rome airport for 9 hours while trying to negotiate an issue with a hire carit was a nightmare.

What type of traveller would you describe yourself as (e.g. adventurous, luxury, beach, hometown explorer, etc.)

I would say that I am adventurous because I love things like hiking and wake boarding but I would also say that I am an Urban Explorer as I love to explore cities around the world.