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Since Sep 2005

25-34 year old male

Hana, Hawaii

I love Hawaii and Maui. And I wear a pink speedo even when I'm not on the beach. (If you know anything about me, you know I jest.) I have traveled extensively in Europe and some in the States. But now, I've had to settle down a bit with a family. I now live in Hana, Maui and work at the only filling station in town...Ha! What town? But the tourists all come through taking that "Road to Hana" with all those curves, bridges, and waterfalls. But SURE to stop by and fill up the tank cause you won't have enough gasoline to get back (EITHER WAY) to Kahululi. Come by the station; tell the Boss Man what a great guy and "draw" I am for the business. AND you can meet my four darling kids: The twins, Abigail and Angie and my two boys, Luke and Mark. (Former wife was rather fond of the Bible; more so than Caddy!) Thanks for letting me share a little bit of what makes me so special. Oh yes, I did win the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics in 1992, but I don't like to brag.
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