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Since Apr 2005

U.S.A. ( the land that spelling and grammar forgot..."definately")

A Scot in a past life :-) Likes: Ancient civilizations; the writings of : William Trevor, Kahlil Gibran, A.S. Byatt, Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Asterix comics; family; springtime; poetry; golden retrievers; a quick wit ; down-to-earth people. Dislikes: Sycophants; liars; braggarts; flying over oceans; shopping for myself; fancy restaurants and the whole wine-swishing/ cork-sniffing idiocy at same; poor grammar and spelling.*** *** It's "itinerary" and "accommodation" - "definitely". You "lay" down your glasses and then "lie" in bed. You "lose" your luggage and then let "loose" with a "hoard" of invectives. When "you're" in another country, you try not to commit any "faux pas" ("foe pa/s" are another matter entirely;-)), "whether" you're "peeking" at mountain "peaks", having "your" tea "poured", or "poring" over your newspaper. And to the "hordes" who use them : there are no such beasts as "would of", "could of", "should of", "irregardless" or "here, here". Hear! Hear!
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