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Since Jul 2005

25-34 year old female

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

I'm a married, stay-at-home mommy of three kids -- ages 1, 3, and 6 years old. I live in Northeastern PA. I have many interests, but among them, and high on my list is: Traveling!! We are a family that loves to travel together, and see and experience as much as we can in this great country of ours. We take several daytrips all year round, as well as a couple of mini-vacations thru-out the Summer & Fall. Our "home away from home" is Gettysburg, PA -- as we're there as much as humanly possible! :o) We travel all around PA, but also like to get out of state when we can as well. We also love to go camping and alot of our weekend trips involve camping trips. It's cheap lodging, since our "motel" comes along with us.. LOL It's also great enjoying the outdoors and nature, and whatever the area has to offer, but most of all -- we treasure the quality family time we get to spend together. Even tho our kids are still so young -- we've been many places over the years, and the kids seem to enjoy traveling as much as we do..(thank goodness!!) One of these years -- I'd love to make at least one trip overseas. (but hoping for more) There are so many amazing places to explore in this world, and I hope I am lucky enuff to see a number of them before my time is up! :o) In my "Travel List" here, of where we've been -- I'm ONLY listing the places that I have been to with my husband and/or where we've gone together as a family... (I'm not including places I have been to as a child or prior to meeting my hubby... that list would be too long! LOL) I'm always interested in hearing from others.. swapping travel ideas and sharing suggestions/advice, etc. We're looking forward to another year of happy travels and making great memories! And wish the same for you and yours! Thanks for stopping by my profile! :o)
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