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We've got you covered
Book a vacation rental worry free with our Peace of Mind Protection
This payment protection is provided by FlipKey, a wholly owned subsidiary of TripAdvisor. FlipKey will be solely responsible for any related support or services with respect to this payment protection.
When you pay for rental listing through us, you can be confident that you'll have the holiday you intend – a fun and carefree one. We invest in trust and safety so that you don't have to. Enjoy some peace of mind when reserving a holiday home and concentrate on how much fun you will have on your holiday.
What is the Peace of Mind Payment Protection?

We will reimburse travellers up to $10,000 in connection with rentals they booked through our payment platform, if (a) the home does not materially match the description, (b) the guest cannot enter the home or (c) payment was made properly but not received by the correct owner or manager.

Who is covered?

Anyone who pays for a rental through our payment platform with a secure credit card. Simply tell the owner or manager of the home that you would like to pay via online payments. Note, this specifically does not include wire transfers or bank transfers made between users outside of our payment product. If you have any questions about whether a rental payment will be covered, please contact us before you pay.

What types of losses are covered?

This payment protection covers rental payment losses as a direct result of internet fraud, inability to access your rental, material misrepresentations of the home or wrongful withholding of rental security deposits.

What qualifies as a material misrepresentation of the home?

This payment protection covers substantial misrepresentation regarding the size and location of the home. It does not cover cleanliness, maintenance or inconveniences. For more information on qualifications please click here.

What losses are excluded?

If it's not specifically included in the covered losses above, then they are excluded. Here are a few examples of losses that are not covered: payments made in cash or instant transfers that cannot be verified (i.e. Western Union or Moneygram); payments to relatives; losses that are out of our control such as natural disasters, theft, bodily injury or criminal activity; losses associated with a breach of the rental agreement or cancellation guarantee; and any travel related losses other than the base rental (i.e. reimbursement for flights, rental cars, other travel expenses).

What is necessary to process a reimbursement claim?

Simply complete the reimbursement request and provide documentation about the reservation you made through us and evidence of the losses you incurred. You may also need to contact your credit card or bank. If you have a claim or questions simply email us and provide a summary of your claim. A Customer Care representative will follow up with detailed instructions and next steps.

Anything else I should know about the Peace of Mind Payment Protection?

If you receive a warning about a particular rental listing on our site, and you choose to disregard this message you'll be taking your own risks if something goes wrong. There are certain qualifications and requirements to the payment protection. These are necessary to process reimbursements and keep the bad folks from using this to defraud us. Keep records of your payments and communications, this will expedite the process. If there's something wrong with a rental after you check-in, please contact us as soon as possible. If you don't, we'll have to assume that the home meets your reasonable expectations and it'll be harder to argue your case for reimbursement.